Working for a Better Future



“I came to the U.S. for my children’s education, hoping this challenging new environment would push them to be more creative, innovative, and adapt to a culture of diversity. But when I arrived in the U.S., I didn’t know where and how to find a job. I felt like I was just a little fish swimming in the ocean, and no one could notice my existence. In the U.S., people expected me to say, “I led teams to do this, and achieved that.” However, in Asia, this way of expression is a serious sign of ego. My resume was focused on ‘what I can do,’ that is, my responsibilities. This was a very down time of my life, I felt so helpless. That ended when my Upwardly Global advisor, Julia, called me asking why I hadn’t submitted any job applications as I usually did. She was the angel that cleared the uncertainty cloud for me that day. I committed to her and myself that, before I got hired, job searching is my job, and the library is my office. It is Upwardly Global’s endless support and always being my side that gave me the strong will of never giving up.”